Is woke culture the problem?

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Is woke culture the problem?

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In recent years I noticed shift in people thinking. Most of them are now influenced by so called western-rich woke agenda.
They feel, if the rich people do and push this idea, it has to be beneficent for us too. This is not true.

As well as if you see drunk person, you don´t see the hangover next day, you also don´t see the consequences few years in future.
This is why we have teachers and persons with wisdom, who should know this rule and point it out.

I will summarise few points - the family with father and mother is the most common and proven model for children.
The collective of similar cultural and same value oriented person is the best for child growth. If you don´t have home and just walking around you will have psychological problems and you will feel disconnected.

I suspect this Woke agenda is main ideology also behind the covid - it´s like communism. They reversed the order - the educated and rich have to go to mines and to low-positions and the stupid but loyal working class took the leading roles. This lead to people who have a lot of power but now much experience or good leading characteristics. They only know how to control and manipulate.

How to get out of this? The rich and educated class has to work together, to elect and maintain the power in their hands.
Also they have to distribute the wealth to others! That´s incredibly important! The society as whole has to feel connect and moving in way, which allow everyone to profit not only few persons! This lead to communism and this kind of deviation. ... d-agendas/

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